Vehicle Tracking Systems

Mobile App

How it works?

Setup VTS

First you have to purshase and setup our GPS Tracking Solutions into your vehicle, then our team will setup an account for your vehicle in our online server.

Download App

Now you have to download our mobile app from "Android Market" or "Apple Store" and setup in your mobile device.


Now you have to login using the credential we provide you. You can login online using the same credential.

Ready to Use

Now you can monitor your vehicle from your mobile device, you can see the history and various reports about your vehicles.

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Great features you'll love.

Fleet Management Services

Fleet management software gives you the tools you need to get everyone in the right place, at the right time – all the while improving productivity and reducing costs every step of the way.


PROHORI unique alert system allows you to create alerts that can be assigned to either any individual or group of vehicles or the entire fleet. Receive instant updates when the alert is triggered 24/7 on any device that you choose.

Reporting & Graphs

More than fifteen reports will help you to track and analysis your vehicle movement and their useses. Also you are able to see speed, traveled distance and cost as graph representation. Which will give you at a glance over view of yor resources.